I am European based artist with 20 years of experience in digital graphics.
Currently I live and work in Gdansk with my husband, who takes care of the technical and logistical side of our work. For over 20 years we have shared a workplace, every project and life.
In my works, I use classic artistic forms, but also combine graphic design with hand drawing or painting. I am passionate about paper, its texture, structure, its possibilities. Sometimes the paper absorbs the paint immediately, other times it does not absorb it at all. Sometimes the eraser draws better than charcoal, wide graphite gives you more control than a sharp pencil.
I allow intuition to guide me in the creative process. I freely balance between realism and abstraction, feminine subtlety and vivid expression, restrained maturity and youthful enthusiasm. The hyper-creative nature spontaneously sends up topics that the hand is eager to take over. Experience balances the process with discipline and order. Such creating is a personal balancing act.
Harmony and contrast! This is where beauty is born.
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